British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

29/07/2019 Uncategorized 0

In June Sonia attended the Society’s 3rd annual 2 day conference in Cardiff – ‘Science and the Art of Healthy Longevity’.

The vast majority of the 300+ audience were GPs and doctors and it is an organisation set up and run by doctors and consultants but is open to all therapists and the public on varying levels of membership.

They are championing change within the medical profession mainly, in how we deal with illnesses and poor health and state that 80% of problems can be helped and potentially reversed by encouraging people to change their lifestyles. This includes: eating more vegetables and fruit, being more active, drinking more water, cutting down on alcohol, stopping smoking, helping to reduce stress, reducing exposure to toxins, getting involved with your community.

Many doctors there felt that there is a big problem with drug over-prescription, particularly in the over 65s, which can lead to other health issues and possibly death! This also isn’t helped by the way doctors are funded eg receiving money for putting patients with certain criteria on specific drugs. Statins were severely questioned – yes, they reduce cholesterol levels but evidence isn’t necessarily showing a decrease in heart and circulatory problems. The pharmaceutical companies have too much control. Quite a worrying issue. 

The main focus of the conference was to encourage working with patients to make lifestyle changes for themselves. Even small changes can make a huge difference to someone’s quality of life. We all need to take responsibility for ourselves.

 ‘Lifestyle Medicine is all about preventing, managing and reversing lifestyle-related disease’ (there are more than most of us believe) ‘using evidence informed lifestyle interventions – and without the side-effects! Behavioural change is the key – at personal, community and national level.’

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